The Pothonggang Electronic Goods Factory renders a contribution to making the national economy IT-based and providing the people with a better cultural life. The factory started its operation in June 2013 with the assembling of the LED TV sets. It has undergone a tremendous change thanks to the sincere efforts of its officials and workers to make their products win favour among the people.

With a viewpoint that quality improvement depends on their high level of technical knowledge and skills, the workers have studied advanced technology and shared their experiences at the factory’s sci-tech learning space.

The factory ensures strict observation of technical regulations and standard manuals of operation for all the production processes, as well as technical inspection by means of the frequency generator and aging test, fully guaranteeing the products’ stability. The program developed by the technicians plays a big part in finding out inferior elements.

The factory now turns out LED TV sets, various kinds of PCs and USBs.

The Pyolmuri- and Pothonggang-brand electronic goods of the factory are drawing more public attention day by day.