Numerous factories, enterprises and institutions in the DPRK generate electricity by solar and wind power, in an effort to implement the WPK’s policy to ease the strain on electric supply by making proactive use of natural energy. Among them is a service station of Saehuimang Joint Venture Company that fully satisfies its demand for electricity needed for operation with solar panels and wind turbines.

Solar panels and wind turbines neatly installed on the roof of the station generate electricity for the operation of tens of fuel pumps and other facilities and illumination of several buildings and their outdoor decoration as well as the operation of service facilities for cultural and leisure activities.

The station has turned from a consuming unit of the electricity supplied by the country to the unit that contributes to the country by producing by themselves the necessary electricity. Manager Ri Chol Ho and other employees turned out in an effort to provide electricity by proactively using natural energy as required by the developing times. They installed solar panels while manufacturing wind turbines by their own efforts and technology. Though they had little technical knowledge and experience, they pooled ideas and efforts to draw a design, make blades and assemble the turbines. They also fixed solar panels with sensors made by themselves, to make them rotate automatically towards the sun and thus increase the production of electricity.

Thanks to the employees’ ardent patriotic zeal, the station has turned into a “natural energy power plant” and is satisfying the demand for electricity by itself, without the supply from the country.