Not so long ago, the UN Security Council forced by big powers, including the United States, and their followers, adopted a “sanctions resolution” with regard to the H-bomb test and satellite launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, commonly known as a north Korea.

Issue of H-bomb Test

In order to defend its sovereignty and its right to survival, the DPRK conducted an H-bomb test as a self-defensive measure against the aggressive policy of the US and its mounting nuclear threat.

The nuclear threat of the US has a long history.

The US already made nuclear threat against the DPRK during the Korean war (1950-1953) and started deploying nuclear weapons in south Korea since the war. Its number exceeded 1 000 by the mid-1970s. It also staged anti-DPRK nuclear war rehearsals continuously in south Korea and its surrounding areas by enlisting a large number of nuclear weapons.

The US nuclear threat against the DPRK became aggravated at the turn of the new millenium. It put the DPRK on the list of targets of “preemptive nuclear strike,” and made it its policy not to coexist with the DPRK.

At this critical moment, no country attempted to check the adventurous acts of the US.

The developments demanded that the DPRK find its own countermeasure―to prevail over the nuclear threat with its own nuclear deterrent of justice. This led the DPRK to possess nuclear weapons.

The New York Times said:

The declaration by north Korea that it possesses nuclear weapons is the result of the mistakes committed by the Bush administration. Its north Korea policy was unreasonable, so change is needed in the policy.

The US should have learned a lesson from it.

However, the present Obama administration ran amuck to stifle the DPRK even by clamouring about its “implosion.” It staged the largest-ever nuclear war games in south Korea, and conducted a simulated nuclear strike on the depths of the DPRK by mobilizing nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and nuclear strategic bombers.

This escalating nuclear threat compelled the DPRK to strengthen its war deterrent. The answer was its first H-bomb test.

But should it be the reason for imposing sanctions against the country?

Before sanctions are to be imposed against it, the US should be placed under sanctions as it is the first country to have built nuclear weapons, the only country to have used them and the greatest possessor of nuclear weapons. Also those permanent member states of the UN Security Council that cast votes for the draft sanctions resolution by toeing the line of the US or by yielding to its pressure should all be placed under sanctions as they possessed nuclear weapons before the DPRK.

The international community is shocked at the act of the big countries, which feign ignorance of their nuclear weapons and pick a quarrel with the self-defensive nuclear weapons of the DPRK.

Issue of satellite launch

The same is the case with the satellite launch by the DPRK.

The UN Security Council claimed that it was imposing the sanctions because the country was posing a threat to world peace and security as it launched a satellite by using the ballistic missile technology.

The point is that those countries, which had launched more satellites than others and which are fully aware of the fact that satellites cannot be launched without using ballistic missile technology, passed the resolution.

Worse still, they insist that theirs are satellites and the DPRK’s is a long-range missile.

Over 9 000 satellites have been launched throughout the world until now, but the UN Security Council has never taken issue with them.

A Western media commented: Satellites are launched by the same method. If what north Korea launched is a missile while what other launched is a satellite, this is an inexplicable logic; The US definition of the legal and illegal characters according to social system is clearly a double standard.

It should be made clear that satellite launch is an exercise of the legitimate right of a sovereign state recognized internationally. No one can interfere with or argue against it.

Article 1 of a treaty on outer space stipulates that exploration and utilization of outer space shall be realized as suited to the interests of all countries and outer space is a wealth common to mankind. Hence, many countries take part in exploring outer space.

However, the US and its followers are attempting to make the DPRK’s exercising of its legitimate right illegal.

If they are right, the US that has launched over 1 900 satellites and Japan that has launched over 160 satellites by using ballistic missile technology should also be targets of denunciation. Over 9 000 satellites have been launched throughout the world until now, but the UN Security Council has never taken issue with them.

Then why did the UN Security Council adopt a resolution on satellite launch by the DPRK? Why does it connive at the countries, obedient to the US, launching satellites or intercontinental ballistic missiles but attempt to forbid the DPRK from launching even a peaceful satellite?

It is just because the DPRK is an anti-US state with the strongest character of independence in the world, which is not obedient to the high-handedness and arbitrariness of big countries.

The DPRK can be an eyesore to the US, which is hell-bent on achieving hegemony in the world. This is why the US with all its might is checking the DPRK from being developed and strengthened.

The countries that collaborated with the US in adopting the “sanctions resolution” against the DPRK cannot rid themselves of the historical stigma of having impaired the dignity and honour of the UN Security Council, which should safeguard justice and maintain impartiality, out of their servile attitude to the high-handedness of the US and their ulterior motive to fish in the troubled waters on this occasion.

People who advocate justice and truth clearly know who should be subjected to the international denunciation and sanctions. 


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