Machine industrial establishments of the DPRK have increased their production through a dynamic drive to attain the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development.

The Taean Heavy Machine Complex, which takes a big share in settling the country’s shortage of electricity, overfulfilled its yearly plan in terms of the total industrial output value, producing quality equipment and accessories necessary to put the production at thermal power plants across the country on normal track.

According to data available at the Ministry of Machine-building Industry, the Anju Insulating Material Factory, the Songchongang Electric Appliances Factory and the Pyongyang Electric Cable Factory 326 carried out their annual plans of the national economy and their plans on all indices ahead of schedule before any factories.

The Chungsong Tractor Factory carried out the tractor production plan for this year at 116 percent, while giving precedence to material production and accessory processing needed for the tractor production for the next year.

Such successes are also reported at the Huichon Precision Machine Plant, the Kyongsong Insulator Factory, the Kusong Machine Tool Factory and other machine factories.