On 16th August Korean Central Television broadcasted informational video about new “Manbang” which is newly developed IPTV Service Machine.


Manbang is based on the two-way communication between user and server. For full operation it has to be connected to the high-speed local network line. The device is connected to a TV with HDMI input.

It allows its users to watch on demand videos of the Korean Central Television, Ryongnamsam Television, Mansudae Television, Pyongyang Central Broadcasting Radio Station and other stations from the DPRK. Manbang users can also watch these stations live.


When you click “Live Broadcasts” you can watch and listen to each channel of program currently being broadcasted on the TV and radio stations from the DPRK.

The multimedia service is divided into different sections. First screen of the Manbang service allows you to watch recent news from the DPRK and browse websites such as Rodong Sinmun, Korean Central News Agency. There is also Juche learning course included and Kim Il Sung reminescences “With The Century”





Manbang Service allows users to watch already broadcasted programmes from the leading radio and TV stations from the DPRK sorted by channels. Users can also watch popular documentary movies and feature films. There is also science and technology section, sport section, art performances.


There is also search function with categorical search, where users can search for interesting program, or broadcast.

The service is available throughout the country via local networking system.

How it works? Check the video: