Pyongyang international sci-tech exhibition of furniture and building materials opened at the Sci-Tech Complex on October 16.

On display in the exhibition hall are items of furniture of great utility and green and functional construction materials presented by more than 100 organizations of the DPRK and other countries and regions.

Attending the opening ceremony were officials, researchers and teachers of the Capital City Construction Commission, the Ministry of Construction and Building-Materials Industry and other commissions, ministries and national institutions, scientific and educational institutions and relevant units and delegations of foreign countries and regions and members of foreign diplomatic missions here.

Choe Jong Ho, president of the Sci-Tech Complex, made an opening address and Sim Yong Hak, chairman of the Central Committee of the Architects Union of Korea, made a congratulatory speech.

They said that the exhibition would be helpful to exchanging the scientific and technological successes and experience gained in the fields of furniture and building materials, boosting the friendship and cooperation among countries and encouraging the development of new technologies and products.

The exhibition will last till October 20.