Lake Samji is in Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province of Korea. It is called so as it has three ponds abreast.

The lake came into being as a river flowing northward in the area of present Samjiyon was blocked by the lava from deep underground during the eruption of volcanoes on Mt. Paektu and its vicinity about one million years ago.

When it was formed for the first time in the Samjiyon area, there were many big and small ponds. After a long time the water of the lake dried up and now only three ponds have been left.

The Samjiyon area is one of the coldest regions in Korea.

There are water plants and carp and other fish of various kinds in Lake Samji.

The lake with clear water and sandy beach is surrounded by a vast sea of thick virgin forests, presenting a spectacular scenery. Particularly, the larch and birch trees standing like a folding screen around the lake are mirrored on the water, adding beauty to the landscape.

On the shore of Lake Samji, there is the Samjiyon Grand Monument telling forever the undying exploits of the great leader Kim Il Sung who organized and led the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to victory.

The monument consists of his bronze statue, subsidiary sculptural groups and torch tower. Camping houses of peculiar architectural style have been built in the woods around the lake in good harmony with its beautiful scenery.

Lake Samji is a scenic spot with a good combination of the thick forests and the flower shrubs growing around the lake.