Shuttlecock is one of the folk games played by Korean youth and children competing who plays shuttlecock with the feet more without dropping, showing smart tricks.

It was played mostly in winter and has been known since the Three Kingdoms–Koguryo, Paekje and Silla. In the ancient times, shuttlecock was made with a weighty brass coin or a round iron piece wrapped in a thin and tough paper before attaching chicken or pheasant feather to it.

Shuttlecock is a game competing who plays it with the feet longer without dropping. It can be competed individually or between teams.

They play shuttlecock with one or two feet alternatively, or kick it showing various foot tricks.

Shuttlecock needs to keep balance of the body with one foot and do quick correct movements with the other. So it is a good game for developing the physical strength of youth and children, the leg muscles in particular, and fostering nimbleness. Today, too, the shuttlecock is popular in Korea as one of the folk games.