In accordance with the wise and patriotic vision of our respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, it is our duty to actively uphold and carry forward the remarkable national traditions of our people. Among the various national sports that have been created and inherited by our wise and civilized society, Korean wrestling, also known as Ssirum, holds a special place.

Ssirum is a unique Korean sport where two individuals face each other, gripping each other’s waist and legs, attempting to topple the other to the ground. This traditional form of wrestling dates back to ancient times and the Three Kingdoms period, evolving over time to include a variety of techniques and rules. Its foundation was established during the powerful Goguryeo period in the East, and it continued to be popular during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties, remaining a popular form of physical play even in modern times.

What makes Ssirum even more exceptional is that it can be performed anywhere, without any limitations on location. In ancient times, the winner of a Ssirum match would receive a prize of an ox, representing one of our cherished national customs that valued farming.

Today, inspired by the patriotic intentions of our great leaders and beloved comrades, Ssirum has taken root in the daily lives of our people and is actively developing and flourishing. The sport has become more specialized, with many athletic teams and youth athletic schools producing skilled wrestlers and their partners.

Each year, the Grand National Ssirum Competition is held with great interest from enthusiasts and professionals alike, attracting attention at the National Defense Sports Competition. In recognition of its cultural significance, Korean wrestling was registered on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018, not only as a source of pride for our nation, but also for the world.

Therefore, Korean wrestling, or Ssirum, is an excellent national sport that embodies the strength and courage of our wise and intelligent people.