The Sambul Rock of Mt. Kumgang is a triangular granite piece with images of Buddha carved on its front, side and back. The rock is 8 metres high and 9 metres long.

Three images of Buddha on the front are the best of those on the rock. All those Buddhas are in a standing position and they are 3.7 metres high each. The heads seem to be a little larger but their characteristics were well portrayed in detail through high relief, which fully showed the depictive intention. Letters “Sambul Rock” were carved beside the three images of Buddha.

The left side of the rock has carved standing images of Buddha which are 2.3 metres high. The back has a square surface which is about 3.3 metres long and about 1.7 metres wide. 60 images of Buddha in a seated position whose height is about 40 centimetres were roughly carved in low-line relief in 15 rows horizontally and 4 rows vertically. In consideration of the arrangement of Buddhas of the three temporal worlds on the front of the rock and their styles, it is estimated to be belonging to the work during the middle period of the Koryo Dynasty that existed between 918 and 1392.