The Thongchon Jisong Plastic Shipbuilding Factory was newly built in Jangjin-ri, Thongchon County, Kangwon Province, along the East Sea of Korea, rendering a positive contribution to the development of the country’s shipbuilding industry.

Last year, the officials and workers of the factory conducted the construction of several blocks of main buildings for production, quays and auxiliary building in a three-dimensional way and completed in a little over half a year, and installed various kinds of multu-purpose shipbuilding facilities.

With a farm resolve to develop the technology of building plastic ships in keeping with the world trend and in close collaboration with the researchers from the ship department at the shipbuilding and marine engineering faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology, thej delved into the data related with plastic shipbuilding materials their physical and mechanical features, construction methods and the world trend. They thus completed and introduced the designs of plastic ship construction to meet the country’s specific conditions.

In addition, they formulated technocal indexes for shipbuilding while gaining rich experience and ensuring high quality of the ships.

At present the factory is capable of building plastic ships for various purposes of fishing, sightseeing and passenger traffic, and boats. The plastic ships are fast in navigation speed and long in lifespan, and save fuel and costs for repair and maintenance, thereby proving highly effective in terms of technology and finance.

It built several plastic fishing vessels last year which proved their advantages in the fishing sector.

The demand for the factory’s plastic ships is groving day by day.

Article: Pak Pyong Hun

Photo: Ri Myong Guk