The Korean people have turned out as one to carry through the tasks put forward by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address.

The workers of the Sangwon Cement Complex, a leading cement producer, are effecting innovations in production from the beginning of the year. All the workplaces of the complex are filled with the ardent enthusiasm of the workers to boost production this year.

They have set higher goals in the spirit of having fulfillled their assignments under the national economic plan last year and are operating the equipment at full capacity at the production processes.

In order to open a new road of advance for socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance, the officials of the complex themselves are making redoubled efforts with firm determination and courage.

They are taking thorough measures for providing fuel and raw materials and scrupulously organizing the work to operate the kiln and other equipment at full capacity to carry out the daily production assignments. In particular, they are speeding up the cement production together with workers while directing great efforts to organizing production in a rational way in accordance with the winter conditions.

The workers and technicians are making devoted efforts with a desire to devote all their strength, wisdom and zeal to prosperity and development of the country. Those at the central control room are operating the equipment as demanded by the standard regulations of operation with high consciousness. The workers of the repairs and steel casting workshops are tapping and mobilizing all the internal reserves with a high sense of responsibility, making an active contribution to the increased production of cement.

The officials and workers of the Sangwon Cement Complex are increasing production with a resolve to send a larger amount of cement to the construction sites.