“I suffered from obesity for years. The researchers at the metabolism laboratory of the Academy of Koryo Medicine cured my disease that I thought was incurable in modern medicine.”

“It was really marvellous. When my obesity was cured by acupuncture and medication and complications were treated completely, I wanted to shout ‘Our Koryo medicine is the best.’”

These are parts of the stories told by people who have shaken off their years of sufferings from metabolic diseases thanks to the effort of the metabolism laboratory.

The researchers began their study by understanding such classic medical theories as Tonguibogam and the global trend of research into obesity. They experienced failures sometimes, but put strenuous effort in the study. In this course, they developed efficacious medicines for obesity, including Kugija Obesity Granules, Kyongsin Pulo Tea and Hwadam Kyongsin Tea. Along with this, they established long-term methods of treating obesity, like the treatment by pills for curing obesity, and the combination of Koryo medicine and acupuncture. They redoubled their efforts to find a method of slimming on everyday diets. Different from the old method of diet, they developed a new efficacious medicine called Golden Pill Against Obesity, with Korean medicinal herbs, technology and facilities.

“The process of making the Golden Pill Against Obesity convinced us of the truth that when loving our own things and believing in our own abilities, we can do anything,” said researcher Kim Un Sim.

kasa1Making analysis of the ten-year-long clinical experience, the lab came to a conclusion that proper combination of the ingredients of medicinal herbs richly available in the country could be efficacious in treating metabolic diseases. On this basis, deep attention was paid to finding out substances of medicinal herbs and identifying the most reasonable ratio of combination.

What seemed possible in theory turned out to be a failure in the first experiment. Some people of the lab argued that theory did not mean practice, giving advice to use an old method to finish the project early. When Un Sim was going to accept it, Ri Ran Hui, head of the laboratory, said, “Of course, honour is important, too. But only when it contributes to the improvement of people’s health can you deserve it.”

Un Sim and other researchers engrossed themselves in the study again. Repeating discussions to find a clue, they finally learned a new method of combination. After a long-term study, they succeeded in making the Golden Pill Against Obesity.

As it decreases the body-weight and the thickness of subcutaneous fat without applying any diet or exercise cure, the pill is believed to be superior to existing remedies of obesity or foreign pills or other means of treatment. The new cure helps slimming and gives fortitude and harmonious metabolism. In addition, it turned out to be helpful to treat complications like arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and fatty liver that come from obesity. People who have taken the new medicine say in unison that it has no side effect and brings about clear progress in the treatment.

The researchers have developed many programs on the basis of their achievements and data from the tens-of-year-long study. Among them, the program “Diagnosis of obesity and Koryo treatment support system—Kambi 2.0” was awarded a gold medal at the 23rd national IT achievement exhibition. This year they presented “Diagnosis of obesity and Koryo treatment support system—Kambi 3.0” which gained great public favour. Their research is going full steam ahead.

An article by Rim Hye Gyong