At present the Korean People are ushering in a golden age in building a thriving socialist nation. To build a socialist power was just an intention of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and an unshakable will of supreme leader Kim Jong Un who is now leading the Koreans wisely. The Korean people are recollecting their exploits with deep emotion. In his speech “Let Us March Forward Dynamically Towards Final Victory, Holding Higher the Banner of Songun“, delivered at a military parade held in celebration of the centenary of the birth of the President in April 2012, Kim Jong Un said that it is the firm determination of the Workers’ Party of Korea to ensure that the Korean people, who are the best in the world and who have remained faithful to the Party in the face of all manner of difficulties, do not have to tighten their belts again, but enjoy all the benefits of socialism. Then he continued to say that it is essential to cultivate with care the valuable seeds of an economic power and an improved life for the people, which Kim Jong Il sowed, and bring them to brilliant fruition.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at the top of the Mount Paektu

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at the top of the Mount Paektu

To bring the far-reaching plan into reality, Kim Jong Un has given on-the-spot guidance uninterruptedly. His field guidance is not simply aimed at inspection of different sectors of the national economy; it is an important effort to draw up an ambitious blueprint of a socialist power and inspire all the people to materialize it vigorously.

His on-the-spot guidance brought about worldstartling miracles and exploits and proud successes in realizing the people’s beautiful dreams and ideals. Last year was a significant one when the Korean people celebrated the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). In his New Year Address 2016, the supreme leader stated that the Korean people should celebrate the Seventh Party Congress as a glorious meeting of victors as it would constitute a historic landmark in carrying out the cause of the Juche revolution, and encouraged all the people to implement the task.

The Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital.

The Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital.

The Korean people waged a 70-day campaign of loyalty to celebrate the Seventh Party Congress. Through the campaign which began in late February last year, they increased the industrial output 1.6 times compared to the same period of last year, making a prelude to the movement to create the Mallima Speed. The movement for the Mallima Speed is oriented to bringing about qualitative changes and leaps in all spheres of the economy, culture and social life on the strength of science and technology under the banner of selfdevelopment first.

At the Seventh Congress of the Party the supreme leader suggested a strategic target and ways to hit it in order to carry out the cause of building a socialist power. The whole country buckled down to implement the decision of the congress. Through the all-people general campaign to build a socialist power last year, they won miraculous achievements in quick succession by racing against time, reducing ten years to one and a hundred years to ten and changing the appearance of the country by morning and evening.

Having opened the door to the year 2016 with the inauguration of the SciTech Complex, a grand house of all-people learning and a hub of latest science and technology in the 21st century, Korea startled the world with the success in its first test of H-bomb. Then the artificial earth satellite Kwangmyongsong 4 was successfully launched to everybody’s happiness, and then came the news about the completion of Paektusan Hero Youth Power Plant No. 3 and the Wonsan Army-People Power Station.

In the sectors of power, coal-mining and metallurgical industries and railway transport they surpassed the annual record-high production, while in the light industry sector they directed a great effort to development of new kinds of goods and improvement of their quality.

Factories and enterprises were constructed or reconstructed. In the first half of the year alone, hundreds were newly built or reconstructed and went into operation. The Pyongyang Catfish Farm was reconstructed as a model and standard in the fish-growing sector; the Pyongyang Terrapin Farm was turned into a model aquaculture farm and the Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory was developed as a model of Korean-style modernization; the Pyongyang Sports Equipment and Materials Factory and the Ryugyong Kimchi Factory were newly built. Lots of factories and enterprises laid production processes relying on their own efforts, technology and materials, thus further strengthening the independence and self-sustenance of the national economy. Now in Korea more and more factories are attaining a high level of modernization and information technology with their production activities integrated with science and technology.

In addition, great achievements were attained in making the national economy Juche-oriented, modern, IT-based and scientific: The home production of a floating feed maker, the establishment of a Korean style acrylic paints production process, the home production of spores for yogurt production at the microbiology institute of the State Academy of Sciences, the development of an air measuring instrument, research and introduction of a new model of a numerical-control device, and the development of 12 kinds of farm machines in the sector of farm machinery.

Nature Museum and Central Zoo in Pyongyang

The work to make all people well-versed in science and technology was accelerated on a full scale through the enthusiastic movement for the Mallima Speed. Typically, the Online College of the Kim Chaek University of Technology established a new distance education system. The Natural History Museum, the Central Zoo and the Pyongyang Middle School for Orphans also went up as monuments of the century.

The movement for the Mallima Speed developed into a mass movement and became a powerful driving force of social development because the Party Central Committee and all the Party members, the entire army and the whole nation are united into one by a single thought, sharing the same air.

Now the Korean people are building a socialist country on the infinite strength of self-development. Though the imperialists led by the US are running amuck imposing sanctions against the DPRK, they cannot break the faith of the Korean people who are determined to invariably advance along the road of independence, Songun and socialism under the banner of self-reliance, with confidence in the validity and victory of their cause.

This year, too, the Korean people, under the wise leadership of the WPK, are vigorously turning out to the all-people general forward movement with a firm resolution to unfold a new era of prosperity by conducting a vigorous movement for the Mallima Speed.

An Song Duk