Comrade Kim Jong Un said, “The true nature of the Workers’ Party of Korea lies in the appearance of our country, which the Party has built, and in the appearance of our people, who are always happy.”

Recently, I visited the Daeseongsan Pleasure Grounds in our country and climbed aboard a stylish new two-story bus that was born from our Party’s noble love for the people, to capture the happy sight of the people riding it for publication.

With a gentle, melodious hum, the bus began to move slowly towards its first stop. “I couldn’t stop feeling excited when I drove the new bus for the first time,” the driver said, starting the conversation with these words. “Our comrades in the passenger transport sector and the laboring class, embracing the Party’s plan to provide only the best to the people, with exceptional determination and indomitable spirit, have produced these new two-story buses in a short period of time.”

His ordinary words were filled with the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance to always achieve production goals, and the fiery oath and determination of the working class in the transportation sector of our party were also present. Soon, the bus arrived at the next stop.

The faces of the passengers boarding the bus were filled with pride and satisfaction in what we had made. Those who couldn’t board the new two-story bus and those who couldn’t contain their joy at the sight of it…

“I feel really good. My son says he feels happiest when he’s riding the ‘clock bus’…”

Amidst the joy and happiness, the new two-story bus arrived at the stop on Kwangbok Street. The distance travelled on the new two-story bus wasn’t very long, but it was enough time to embrace the endless pride and satisfaction of our people in our love that grows every day.

Running on Ryomyong Street, the new two-story bus (taken in January 2023).

Filled with the happy lives of the people that grow day by day, and carrying the joy of the people that increases, the new two-story bus runs through the streets of the capital today.

Article: Park Jin A //
Translation: Editorial Explore DPRK.