The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the Ungok Area General Stock Farm.

He first visited the livestock institute for fine breed of the Farm.

He acquainted himself with the implementation of the tasks for consolidating the material and technical foundations of the institute he gave while providing field guidance to the farm on Aug. 5, 2012 and with the recent work of the institute.

Saying that the livestock should rank among the advanced countries by putting breeding and raising and caring methods on a scientific and modern basis of a high level, he underlined the need to intensify the research work to prevent degeneration of the breeds of the domestic animals.

He learned in detail about the high-yielding feed crops which are test-cultivated at the institute.

Noting it is the most vital issue in stockbreeding to decrease grain feed unit, he said the core goal in breeding of the institute is to spread the breeds high in productivity, low in feed unit and of good quality and tasty meat across the country.

In order to further strengthen the institute, the ranks of scientists and researchers should be cemented and the science and technology of livestock be put on a high level, he noted, giving instructions to take measures for learning the work of the institute and help it on a state scale.

Then he went to Workshop No. 1 of the Beef Cattle Breeding Farm.

He underscored the need to scrupulously organize scientific and technological work for preventing degeneration of fine breeds and keeping the characteristics of pure breeds and change the cow breeds of low weight increment, poor taste and milk into good breeds.

Very important is to create and manage well the environment of cow pens as required by veterinary and anti-epizootiology and take good care of nutrition by making a good fodder recipe in line with the features of every breed, he pointed out.

In order to implement the Party’s far-reaching policy of developing livestock, it is necessary to assess the country’s backward science and technology of livestock as it is, take a viewpoint to prioritize it on a state scale and activate the work to preferentially develop it, he said. He underlined the need to intensify the work for disseminating the advanced science and technology of livestock, prioritize the work for training scientists and technicians in the field of livestock, steadily improve the breeding research and caring and managing methods, set well the stage-by-stage goal for putting the livestock on a scientific and advanced basis, and push forward the work for carrying it out.

Saying that the Ungok Area General Stock Farm, the country’s general livestock base, assumes a very important duty, he expressed expectations and belief that the officials and employees of the farm will make a great leap forward in the livestock production and research work and thus hold the banner in implementing the Party’s livestock policy.

Accompanying him were Hwang Pyong So, first vice department director of the C.C., Workers’ Party of Korea; Jo Yong Won, O Il Jong and Kim Yong Su, vice department directors of the C.C. WPK; and Kim Chang Son, department director of the State Affairs Commission.