The intentional, persistent and provocative war exercises and confrontation of the US imperialists and the south Korean puppet traitors against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have led the military and political situation of the Korean peninsula to an irreversible level of danger.

The Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea energetically leads the continued military activities for raising the self-defensive nuclear war deterrent in order to strengthen the defence posture of the country in every way and rapidly cope with and strictly control any nuclear war threats and challenges of the enemy. After organizing and guiding the general tactical drills simulating nuclear counterattack, the Central Military Commission of the WPK commanded the drills for warning the enemy of the substantial nuclear crisis and verifying the reliability of the self-defensive nuclear forces for three days between March 21 and 23 as a demonstration of another military attacking ability. The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un guided the major military actions. A new underwater offensive weapon system was tested between March 21 and 23. The defence science research institute has studied a new aspect of war of the times, defined the orientation of development of self-defensive forces to check the military and technical supremacy of the imperialist aggressor forces and conducted the work to develop an underwater strategic nuclear striking weapon system stemming from a new concept of operation since 2012, 11 years ago. This underwater strategic nuclear weapon system was reported in secrecy to the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee during the Defence Development Exhibition “Self-Defense–2021” held in October 2021. This secret weapon was named “unmanned underwater nuclear attacking vessel ‘Haeil'” at the Eighth Congress of the WPK and has undergone different final tests on more than 50 occasions over the past two years since the Party Congress. Kim Jong Un personally guided the tests of the weapon 29 times and its operational deployment was decided at the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee. The mission of the underwater strategic nuclear weapon is to stealthily go into the operational waters and destroy the enemy’s warships and major operational ports by creating superpower radioactive tidal waves with underwater explosion. This unmanned underwater nuclear attacking vessel can be towed in any coast, port or a ship on the water for operation. The vessel was involved in the exercise on the coast of Riwon County in South Hamgyong Province on March 21. Cruising along the oval and “8”-figure course set on the East Sea of Korea 80 to 150 metres underwater for 59 hours and 12 minutes, it reached the target in the waters off the Hongwon Bay simulating a port of the enemy on the afternoon of March 23 and its trial warhead exploded underwater. As a result of the test, all the tactical and technical data of the vessel and the technical indices of its navigation were correctly estimated, its reliability and safety verified and its fatal striking ability perfectly confirmed. On March 22, a launching drill was staged to make the strategic cruise missile units practise the procedure and process of carrying out the task of tactical nuclear attack. Before the launching drill, there was a training for reexamining the normal operation and safe system of the technical and institutional devices including the procedure of authenticating the order of nuclear attack and the launch approving system and for repeatedly practising the rules of action and movements of firepower training of the strategic cruise missile sub-units according to them. The strategic cruise missiles were loaded with trial warheads that simulated nuclear warhead. The two strategic cruise missiles “Hwasal-1” and two missiles “Hwasal-2” launched from Jakto-dong, Hungnam District, Hamhung City of South Hamgyong Province made a flight of oval and “8”-figure path which simulated 1,500- and 1,800-kilometre-long distance set on the East Sea of Korea respectively for 7,557 to 7,567 seconds and 9,118 to 9,129 seconds before hitting the targets. During the launching drill, there were a test of lowest altitude flight of the cruise missiles and a test of judging the ability of their irregular altitude regulation and evasive flight. Every of the missiles “Hwasal-1” and “Hwasal-2” made a strike with aerial explosion at the set altitude of 600 metres, proving once again the working reliability of the nuclear explosion controlling and triggering devices. The major weapon tests and launching drills had no negative effect on the security of the neighbouring countries. Kim Jong Un expressed great satisfaction over the result of the major weapon tests and launching drills for strategic purpose. He said that since the United States and the south Korean authorities resort to their reckless military provocations in disregard of our patience and warning, we should cope with them more overwhelmingly and offensively to the last and thus neutralize every attempt of the enemy to invade the DPRK and reliably defend the peaceful life and future of our people and the cause of socialist construction. And he put forward immediate militant tasks and permanent policies for the purpose. Kim Jong Un gave a stern rebuke that the US imperialists loudly talk about the commitment to defence of their alliance and desperately resort to the military manoeuvres of endangering the regional situation under different pretexts of strengthening alliance so as to foster the thoughtless recklessness and “bravery” of the south Korean puppet traitors and instigate their impertinent actions. He mentioned the need of offensive action to bring the enemy incurring danger with their clumsy rash acts to see our limitless ability of deterring a nuclear war which is expanded and strengthened at more accelerating pace. He said that through our overwhelming demonstration of thoroughgoing war deterrent we will give despair to the option of the US imperialists and the south Korean puppets and make them understand for themselves that they will lose more instead of getting from their strengthened military alliance and escalated war exercises and they will face greater threats. Kim Jong Un seriously warned the enemy to stop their reckless war exercises against the DPRK once again on behalf of the WPK and the DPRK government.