The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected Factory No. 525 of the Korean People’s Army.

He looked round the room for education in the revolutionary history at the factory first.

He said that officials and employees of the factory should always overfulfill the production plan on all indices, bearing in mind the noble intention of leader Kim Jong Il who spared nothing for the soldiers of the People’s Army, and thus make sure that they still feel his loving care.

He learnt in detail about the implementation of the teachings given by Kim Jong Il during his on-the-spot guidance and the production at the factory and the supply of raw materials in recent years.

Highly appreciating the fact that the factory has over-fulfilled its plan every year, he said that it should direct its efforts to producing in a larger quantity various condiments of good taste to meet the demand of the science of nutrition and thus substantially contribute to improving the diet of the servicepersons.

He went round the fermented soybean liquid spore production process newly built at the factory.

Saying that it is necessary to provide the servicepersons with various soybean-based foods in line with the soybean production that has increased after the whole army gave foremost importance to soybean farming and, in particular, with fermented soybean good for eating and health on a regular basis, he stressed it is a great success that the factory is equipped with modern process capable of mass-producing the quality liquid spore for fermented soybean on an industrial basis.

Going round various parts of the factory including the condiment workshop and the rice-cleaning workshop, he said that he heard it was upgraded three years ago and it is an impeccable and praiseworthy factory with all production processes put on an automated and unmanned basis at a high level and he was very pleased to see the equipment in full-capacity operation and production put on a normal track when he suddenly visited the factory.

He highly estimated the master-like work attitude of the factory officials and employees, saying that the greening and pavement of the factory are satisfactory and they have put the interior and exterior of the factory on a hygienic and cultured level in an assiduous way as befitting foodstuff factory.

He set forth the tasks for scrupulously managing equipment and improving technical control and for working hard with higher goal of putting the production processes on an automated, unmanned and germ-free basis.

He had a photo session with the officials and employees of the factory, expressing the expectation and conviction that they would continue to make proud achievements in production to supply servicepersons with variety of tasty and highly nutritious foodstuffs in a larger quantity and thus perform a pioneer role in developing the foodstuff industry of the country in the future, too.

He was accompanied by Hwang Pyong So, Han Kwang Sang and Jo Yong Won, senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.