Supreme Commander of the KPA, Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Fish Food Factory run by KPA Unit 810. He was accompanied by Hwang Pyong So, O Su Yong and Jo Yong Won.

Visiting the factory in March last year, he underscored the need to steadily put its modernization and cultured practice in production and life on a higher level. And he set forth the tasks for reinforcing modern equipment, putting all its production processes on an automated and stream-lined basis and turning its compound into a woodland and orchard and provided it with valuable equipment.

He took hands of the officials one by one and noted that he was very pleased to hear that the output at the factory has remarkably increased as it was furnished with modern equipment. And he gave a high appreciation of the unit, saying that it is ready to do all what the Party desired.

He went round food processing shop, fish sorting ground, fish freezing chamber, food storage and other places of the factory.

He noted that the factory made a lot of achievements in the work to establish the scientific and rational fish food production method while successfully introducing a combined control system for fish food production processes and streamlining the processing, package and carriage on a high level.

It is admirable that the factory has run a newly-built sci-tech room on a normal basis to improve the technical skills of its employees, he said.

Based on: KCNA