The Mangyongdae Revolutionary Site Souvenir Factory in the DPRK is one of the light industrial factories which have made contribution to the improvement of people’s living.

Now, the factory produces different shapes and colors of zippers and melamine resin goods and souvenirs.

Ryo Pyong Ho, manager of the factory, told KCNA that the factory developed more than 30 kinds of new goods this year.

Metal and plastic zippers made with locally available raw materials are enjoying popularity among bag factories and garment factories, he said, and went on:

According to the result of general quality examination, their quality is twice higher than the international standard.

The factory introduced rational plating method to improve the quality of zippers and diversify their kinds, shapes and colors.

The factory has also produced many kinds of melamine resin goods, utensils, goods for cultural use and souvenirs.

When visiting the factory in October Juche 105 (2016), respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said another mass consumer goods producer based on domestic technology and materials emerged, and indicated the tasks and ways for producing more quality consumer goods to the taste of people.