The fishery sector of the DPRK has established the new maritime control system based on latest science and technology and properly operated it, thus putting fishing on a scientific basis.

By introducing this system, the Kim Chaek Taegyong General Fishery Enterprise is catching fish over 1.2 times more as compared with the same period of last year.

Basing itself on a detailed survey of fishing conditions, weather and marine situation on the East Sea of Korea, the enterprise completed the program for maritime control system. It has installed ultra shortwave and shortwave antennas and satellite receiving antennas to send data to fishing boats in time.

It has also established a dual power supply system with tens of solar panels to ensure the safety of transmission.

And all the fishing boats are equipped with computers and horizontal and vertical shoal detectors.

Bearing in mind that scientific fishery precisely means big fish haul, and one of the basic guarantees for big fish haul lies in putting the fishing industry on a scientific and modern basis, fishery stations across the country are making successes in fishing by dint of latest science and technology.