Hymn to the WPK «조선로동당찬가» - cover

Hymn to the WPK


State Merited Chorus
Translated lyrics

1. The rain and snow you were exposed to

For the people will be the sea

Your love and trust will be as vast as the sky

Oh, the Party, you are the strong banner

That has led heroic Korea

We sing of your spirit and merits

Oh, Workers’ Party of Korea!

  2. We will never forget you

Who overcame war and ruins

And led the people to the victory

Giving them the wing of Chollima

You formed the single-heart unity and built glorious power

We thank you for your leadership,

Oh, Workers’ Party Of Korea!

  3. The great party enjoying people’s trust

And realizing their ideals

You are most sagcious and powerful

Bringing us the dream-like future

Oh the party, we will follow only your ever-victorious leadership

And acomplish the great cause of Paektu

Oh, Workers’ Party of Korea!

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