In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea there are many woman scientists who make a contribution to prosperity of the country with science and technology in order to implement the decisions of the Third Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Among them is Pak Yong Hui who is conducting scientific researches at the Pyongyang Medical College ofKim Il Sung University in capital city Pyongyang.

Tens of years ago she entered the then Pyongyang University of Medicine and became unusually interested in pharmacology.

Uncommon was her concern about the field of moulding development which turns a medicine into liquid medicine or powdered medicine.

She accumulated scientific and technological knowledge of pharmacology one by one and after graduation from the university, she became a researcher of the moulding study room as she hoped.

She worked devotedly to live up with success in her researches to the trust of the country which had enabled her to study at university, considering a simple dream of girl in mountain village, and brought her up as good researcher.

She oriented everything to the researches for analyzing the elements of medicines affecting the human body one by one and raising the quantity and quality of medicines and their effectiveness to the maximum. She worked hard to develop highly effective medicines which can rapidly remove a pathogen infiltrated into the human body with small quantity of medicine without side effects.

Despite many difficulties, she never give up analysis and experiments of medicines.

The unyielding will and firm faith to scale the goal of research with redoubled efforts gave her strength and courage.

She would be very pleased with her efforts and pursuit giving help to improving the people’s health.

Over the past 20 years she has researched into over 10 new technologies related to the moulding development and introduced them to practice and made different kinds of highly effective medicines. The new-type anti-smoking adhesive she developed was highly estimated at the 32nd national sci-tech festival held last year.     Now she continues her researches to make good medicines for people which are convenient in use and effective in treatment in hearty response to the popular health policy of the country.

Doctor and Associate Professor Pak Yong Hui says:

“In our country the women fully develop their talents while enjoying respect and love of the people at families, working places and society. So do I.

In the future, I will devote myself to researching and developing a greater number of better medicines which can contribute to the improvement of the people’s health. I will make all my efforts to become a woman scientist loved by the people.”