The Korean people are making the factories and workplaces Juche-oriented and modern by fully displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance under the wise guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory has been made Juche-oriented by the spirit of self-reliance of its workers.

Some years ago, Kim Jong Un paid deep attention to the reconstruction of the factory on a modern basis and gave important instructions on remodeling it with indigenous strength and technology while indicating concrete orientation and ways.

In January Juche 107(2018), he visited factory rebuilt on a modern basis.

Looking round different places of the factory including the processing, electromotor, bus assembly and overhaul workshops, he said with great pleasure that its equipment has been made Juche-oriented at over 92 percent.

He also highly praised the factory for having designed and manufactured a new motor with good controlling characteristics and made various kinds of accessories including an automatic breaker by itself and introduced them to production.

That day, he encouraged the workers of the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory, saying it is his intention to change it into a trolley bus producer of world standard. Several months later, in August he called at the factory again despite the sultry weather of midsummer.

Seeing a new-type trolly bus, he said it had been made perfectly and its quality improved exceptionally as against half a year before, and continued: The processing accuracy of the outside of the chassis and the level of flatness of sides and joints-making have been raised and the bus painted well. All fittings, rubber products and plastic plywood have been improved in quality. I am more pleasant to hear that all those have been produced by factories at home. They are perfect.

After guiding in person the trial operation of the new-type trolley bus that night, Kim Jong Un said it is the intention of the Party to pick up even a star from the sky if the people want, now he can see a prospect and he is satisfied.

Self-reliance and self-development are the faith, will and life of the Korean people.

In his New Year Address for this year Kim Jong Un said our state is capable of dynamically advancing along the road of development of socialism of our own style by dint of our people’s great strength and efforts, without any external assistance or any other’s help.

The Korean people will make everything Juche-oriented and modern always under the banner of self-reliance.