The great leader Kim Il Sung was born and spent his childhood in Mangyongdae which belongs to Mangyongdae-dong in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang City.

From olden times Mangyongdae was known as a scenic spot of Pyongyang. There are high and low hills in the area, of which the highest Mangyong Hill is 45 metres above the sea level. Mangyong Hill was named so as it commands a bird’s-eye view of a myriad of scenes around it. And the snug village at the foot of the hill is  Mangyongdae.

Ancient Koreans divided the scenery seen from Mangyong Hill into ten and called them 10 famous scenes of Hwachon which is the former name of Mangyongdae.

The best of the 10 famous scenes of Hwachon is the spring scenery of Mangyongdae which looked like a flower garden.

All kinds of flowers are in bloom everywhere in Mangyongdae, including pink azaleas, light pink apricot blossoms and golden-bells.

The old home of Kim Il Sung at Mangyongdae seems to be in the middle of a flower garden.

The blue water of the River Taedong washing Mangyong Hill in good harmony with the scenery of Mangyongdae buried in flowers is more charming. Spring is felt everywhere as sap rises in the trees stretching their branches towards the blue sky.

Spring of Mangyongdae is balmier in April when Kim Il Sung was born.

Many people continue to visit his old home at Mangyongdae. Seen among them are women in brave Korean chima and jogori(skirt and jacket), children in beautiful jacket with pretty multi-coloured sleeves and Children’s Union members with red ties around their necks. Mangyongdae in spring is literally a sea of beautiful flowers.