Korea seabound on three sides has many coastal scenic spots including Sea Chilbo, Haksadae, Majon, Sea Kumgang and Chongsokjong on the east coast.

Majon is a famous bathing resort. It is surrounded by fantastic rocks and high and low hills like a folding screen, the seashore forms a white sandy beach and the unusually clear and calm seawater has appropriate depth for sea bathing. The high and low hills in the northwest are beautifully covered with light pink azaleas in spring and red and yellow maples in autumn. Green pine, pine-nut and cryptomeria woods are found along the seashore and the sweet briers and roses add beauty to its landscape.

The 50 to 100 metre-wide white and clean sandy beach spreads over 6 kilometre-long section along the seashore. The seawater is about 1.5 metres deep in the waters up to 50 metres to the sea from the sandy beach. Pavilions, buildings for holidayers, soft-drink stands and other service and cultural recreation facilities have been built well in the scenic Majon for the convenience of the sea bathers.

These days in the hot summer, many people come to the Majon Bathing Resort every day to enjoy themselves.