The Daily Star on its website writes:

“North Korean gymnast who took selfie with South Korean at Rio Olympics could face DEATH”

We ask: WHY?

Hong Un-Jong from the DPR Korea and Lee Eun-Ju from south Korea taking selfie together.

Hong Un-Jong from the DPR Korea and Lee Eun-Ju from south Korea taking selfie together.

Korea is one, and even divided by the great powers long time ago, it is still the same nation, sharing the same traditions and the same history. Every single Korean, who loves their country supports the peaceful reunification of the country and longs to meet the brothers and sisters from the other side of the 38th parallel. There is nothing wrong with taking selfie, seriously. It is really stupid that even such a friendly action raised media’s stupid suspicions.

It is worth reminding that south Korea imprisons its citizens for having contacts with the brothers and sisters from the north. It is worth mentioning Ro Su-hui, south Korean political activist who visited the DPRK to promote Korean unification. However, almost as soon as he set foot on south Korean soil, he was immediately restrained by South Korean authorities carried away by a group of security officers, handcuffed and bound with rope, just like the worst criminal, recidivist. The DPRK never jails its people for acts promoting peace and reunification of the country, while in southern part of Korea there is “Law on State Security” under which any citizens who speaks or reads about the north may be subjected to imprisonment. Every citizen of the south Korea who reports a desire to visit the DPRK is treated like a criminal!

It is well known that the western media are repeating the same lies against the DPRK every day. Attacking the DPRK is very popular and important for their mission, as the DPRK-phobia is incredibly increasing around the world. Just don’t believe in everything you hear and read. And we assure you – it is stupid to believe that someone from the DPRK Team could face a punishment after the Olympics. This kind of ‘information’ appears almost every year, and every year its just a fake story.