Almost everyday we hear, we watch and we read a lot of information about the DPRK. Part, if not most of them do not have any confirmation at all, and are just a rumors from “an anonymous source, that for security reasons does not want to disclose their personal data”.

The DPRK’s apperance, over the years demonized in western media makes paradoxically that the more absurd on the DPRK people hear, it is easier for them to accept it as the truth, regardless of the source of its origin.

As the majority of western so-called “journalists” [fortunately] do not have free entry into the DPRK, we are able to understand a lot. But today’s article from The Telegraph gone unbelievably crazy.

The article says:

North Korean workers are being given a methamphetamine-based drug in the hope it will speed up a major construction project, according to reports.

Did journalists take the trouble to verify the source of this information or simply once again they gave false information, which will be shared, repeated and duplicated again and again…? As we read, the source of information comes from the Radio Free Asia, which is “a private, nonprofit international broadcasting agency of the United States government“. Who they are? Are they responsible media? Let’s check it out.

Radio Free Asia is responsible for spreading a lot of hoaxes of the anti-imperialist countries. A great example is the fact that two years ago, the same radio station reported such an absurd that all students in the DPRK are required to have the same hairstyle as the Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. This information was debunked by most part of western media. Anyway, story was broadcasted and shared globally countless times, and probably even today a lot of people still believe this information was real. Now, the Radio Free Asia wants to stir negative sentiments against the DPRK through lies and unreal claims.

Do you believe that Radio Free Asia, in fact controlled by the United States (which is still in war with the DPRK) will tell the truth about their enemy? By the way is the “Radio Free Asia” free, because it is controlled by United States? Who gave the Americans the right to decide what is freedom and what is not?