Our YouTube Channel will provide today (27th July) special live stream with English-subtitled documentaries from the DPRK.

The program is available below:

17:02 GMT – The U.S. Imperialist Aggressor Army Under the Cloak of UN Forces

17:17 GMT – Who Drew the 38th Parallel Demarcation Line?

17:21 GMT – DPRK Music, translated

17:28 GMT – Masikryong Ski Resort

17:40 GMT – Kumgang Mountain – Celebrated Mountain of Korea

17:52 GMT – Mausoleum of Father of Korean Nation

17:59 GMT – Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery

18:06 GMT Pueblo, U.S. Armed Spy Ship

18:17 GMT We Love Peace

18:25 GMT Okryu Children’s Hospital

18:33 GMT Jangchon Veg Co-op Farm

18:37 GMT Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp

18:44 GMT Meari Shooting Gallery

18:51 GMT Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic

18:54 GMT Sci-Tech Complex

19:04 GMT Monument to the Party Founding

19:07 GMT Flag of the WPK

19:12 GMT Songs of Memories: Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble

19:30 GMT Closedown.