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  • Congratulations on the successful Hwasong-14 test

    On 28th July 2017, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on order and guidance of Respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un conducted another successful test of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Hwasong-14.

  • Happy New Year 2017!

    Dear Visitors, friends and DPRK supporters! In 2016, Korean people celebrated the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea as a glorious meeting of victors and left an outstanding mark…

  • Welcome Back!

    Dear visitors. We are back. And our website goes operational again. We apologize you for the delays and lack of posts updates. Now you can expect new articles, posts, music…

  • Glory to the Workers’ Party of Korea!

    On October 10, 2016 Korean people celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Workers Party of Korea.

  • US Out from Korea!

    Peace on the Korean Peninsula, contrary to appearances is not unreachable. However, as far as US troops are in the southern part of the peninsula, a war between brothers from…

  • Fake Informations About the DPRK… Debunked Once Again

    Almost everyday we hear, we watch and we read a lot of information about the DPRK. Part, if not most of them do not have any confirmation at all, and are just a rumors from “an anonymous source”.

  • Rio 2016, And Hostile Propaganda Against the DPRK Again

    The Daily Star on its website writes: “North Korean gymnast who took selfie with South Korean at Rio Olympics could face DEATH” We ask: WHY?

  • Explore DPRK Stream Schedule

    Our YouTube Channel will provide today (27th July) special live stream with English-subtitled documentaries from the DPRK. The program is available below: 17:02 GMT – The U.S. Imperialist Aggressor Army Under…

  • The English Version of the Explore DPRK Website Launched!

    Hello! Welcome to the official website of the International Friendship Initiative “Explore DPRK”! We are glad to welcome you here. We strongly hope you will find useful information while browsing…

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