The Pyongyang Municipal Sports Village which was built on Mo Island in the Pothong River last year hums with a variety of sports activities of sportspersons and fans. Covering a total area of some 71 500 square metres, the village encompasses a gym, hostel for athletes, outdoor training ground and the like. Crossing the bridge newly built over the Pothong River, you can see first the parachute-shaped three-storeyed gym with hundreds of seats, including a basketball court and halls for physical training, ssirum (Korean wrestling), table tennis and such games as janggi (Korean chess) and paduk (go).

The four-storeyed hostel with an accommodation capacity of some 200 people has such amenities as shop, barber shop, beauty salon, library and amusement hall. In particular, on the top floor is the sci-tech learning space for sportspersons where they can study the trend of developing modern sports and acquire various sports techniques through a national computer network. At the outdoor training ground with an area of over 30 000 square metres, there are a football ground with 1 500 seats and basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton courts as well.

The sports village afforested and landscaped with good species of trees goes well with the floating flower garden in the river, adding more to the picturesque scenery, thus becoming a favourite haunt of many people.