The second Sunday every month is Sports Day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The Sports Day was instituted in January Juche 81(1992) in order to make all people harden themselves physically and mentally by taking part in sports activities and contribute to developing sports of the country and carrying out their revolutionary tasks.

Along with the day, sports has become mass-based and part of everyday life. All people like to play sports and enthusiasm for sports is felt everywhere on this land. The first Sports Day in Juche 109(2020) fell on January 12. That day, collective running of officials of the commissions, ministries and national agencies was held at the Kim Il Sung Square in the capital city Pyongyang, keeping every street in animation and vigour. On the Sports Day every month, institutions, industrial establishments and farms conduct diverse sports and amusement games including health-promoting Taekwon-Do, mass rhythmic exercise, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and tug of war.

Through the games, working people demonstrate the techniques they have practised and foster the unity of the collective. Diverse sports games are played at the wonderful parks in all parts of the country. The active rooters increase the enthusiasm for sports all the more.

The joyful mass sports activities at the working sites and villages are filling the whole country with youthful spirit and optimism and actively encouraging the working people to build a powerful socialist country.