The Pyongyang International Football School is located on the picturesque Rungna Island in the capital Pyongyang.

It has a modern school building, several training grounds, dormitory and mess hall, barber’s shop, bathroom, laundry and other cultural and welfare facilities for living and learning of young football talents.

Hundreds of children strictly selected from across the country are studying general subjects and basic football theory and receiving practical training at the primary and junior and senior middle classes according to their ages. And many foreign children are preparing themselves as footballers in the school.

The schoolchildren learn all subjects on a high level at the multi-functional classrooms and conduct basic football training and physical training on a regular and scientific basis every day. They also learn sports science and techniques including world trend of football development at the e-library.

The school gives education and training on a scientific basis, which is led to success in games. Over the past four years, the school team bagged seven gold and four silver medals in 11 international games including golds in the 6th “Lancy, Codion” Cup U-14 International Football Games and the 2016 AFC U-14 Girls Regional Championship(East Asia), and a number of children were awarded the best player prize and other prizes.

After graduation, schoolchildren play at the National Juvenile Football Team, the April 25 Sports Team, the Amnokgang Sports Team, the Pyongyang Sports Team and other sports teams.

The graduates of the school are now distinguishing themselves in different sports teams and are spoken highly of by the coaches. Most of the players of the national team that won the regional qualifier for the 2018 AFC U-16 Football Championship last year were those from the school. This fact alone clearly tells of the pivotal role of the Pyongyang International Football School in the football development of the country.

This year, too, the school is steadily improving the quality of education to train more reserve footballers to honour the country.

Kim Chol Ung, Vice-Principal of the Pyongyang International Football School, says. “The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, in his New Year Address for this year, presented the tasks on strengthening the ranks of teachers and improving the contents and methods of education as demanded by the trend of developing modern education. In hearty response to his New Year Address, our school is enhancing the practical qualifications of the teachers to meet the world trend of football development. We have analysed and summed up the experiences and lessons in training players with special ability and, on its basis, are directing education to training world-class footballers.”

The school is enhancing the scientific level of education to suit the psychology and physiological characteristics of the children and steadily improving the scientific and theoretical, and technical and practical qualifications of the teachers. It is introducing scientific teaching methods and means into education and constantly improving the contents and methods of education as demanded by developing reality to suit the characteristics of sports school. It also strengthens basic technical education and induces the teachers to educate and train the children in a scientific way according to their constitution and levels in keeping with the world trend of football development.

Today, too, many promising reserve footballers are growing in the Pyongyang International Football School to demonstrate the dignity and honour of the country in the international games.