Pyongyang Golf Course, which was laid out on the shores of Lake Thaesong boasting its superb scenery featured by luxuriant trees and flowers and fresh air over 40 years ago, has been renovated splendidly as a base for sporting and leisure activities.

Through the recent renovation it has extended its total length of golf holes by international standards, created more bunkers, and ensured the maximum flatness and density of the turf per square metre while retaining the natural relief between the holes.

Lodging quarters and service facilities have been newly built by the lake for the convenience of golfers.

The golf course with an accommodation capacity of 200 is well provided with equipment and attendants.

The new service complex has a wading pool, fitness rooms, restaurants, shops, lounges and other welfare service facilities.

Picturesque scenery and refreshing air by Lake Thaesong, and the nearby Ryonggang Hot Spring add more to the charm of the golf resort, so a growing number of golf players and fans are attracted to it.

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