The DPRK acrobatics has been praised as the “acme of acrobatics” at different international acrobatic festivals.

The Korean acrobatics had been reduced into a plaything of the exploiting classes for a long time, but thanks to the righteous literary and art policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea, it could fully play its role as a means for educating people ideologically and emotionally, physically and culturally.

Leader Kim Jong Il‘s work “Theory of Circus” published on June 29, Juche 82 (1993) served as a special occasion to promote the epoch-making development of acrobatics in the DPRK.

After the publication of his work which makes clear the principle of creating acrobatic works ranging from the selection of core to composition, music and stage arts and tasks and ways to steadily develop the circus, the DPRK has held supremacy at every international circus festival by creating famous acrobatic works.

Tops prizes were awarded to aerial stunts “Diverse Flight”, “Flying Girls”, “Trapeze Flight on Horizontal Bar”, physical acrobatics “Three-stage Trapeze Flight”, “A Horizontal Bar and Flying on Trapeze “, etc. at the Monte Carlo, Grenoble, Massy, Wuhan, “Golden Circus”, Izhevsk and other international circus festivals.

The DPRK acrobats set such a record as winning two gold lion prizes at the 12th Wuqiao International Acrobatic Festival.

They gave performances in many countries, including China, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, France, Monaco and Peru, touching the heartstrings of audience with peculiar air stunts and movements of highest techniques.

Han Ho Song, a winner of the title of Merited Artiste at the National Acrobatic Troupe who is well known for having performed quintuple flip-flap in the air, the highest stunt in the world, told KCNA that it is his goal to complete a new stunt no one dare to challenge.