Mass sports activities are brisk in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea where the social concern for sports is increasing day by day.

Many sports facilities including gymnasiums, stadiums and sports parts were built or wonderfully rebuilt in all parts of the capital city Pyongyang and provinces and mass sports activities are brisk at the institutions, enterprises, schools, factories, cooperative farms and other units across the country, filling the whole country with enthusiasm for sports.

As in the past, the mass sports activities are brisk from the beginning of the year.

Officials, working people, youth and students filled with joy and optimism conduct various mass sports activities including collective running, health-promoting Taekwon-Do and mass rhythmic exercise in Pyongyang City and all provinces, cities, counties and cooperative farms.

The enthusiasm for mass sports is increasing day by day.

After a day’s work working people play sports games of various events including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and tennis.

At the sports parks built near their houses, working people, youth and children harden themselves physically almost every day through various physical exercises.

All places become animated with sports on red-letter days and holidays. Colorful sports games are held between workshops, between workteams, between people’s neighborhood units and between sub-workteams. Matches are so close that the spectators have to watch them with bated breath. What is popular is the tug of war, one of the national sports events. Like this, working people promote unity and harmony of the collective through the mass sports activities, spending a good time in optimism and joy.

Different national sports games show well the high sports skills, collective spirit and lofty morality of games of the working people, youth and students. National sports games including the tug of war and Korean wrestling as well as ball games are held, in which the players fully display their sports skills they have practised at ordinary times and collectivism.

The enthusiasm for mass sports sweeping the whole country add optimism to cultural and emotional life of the Korean people and the working people are making fresh miracles and innovations in the drive for increased production to attain the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development in good health, full of revolutionary passion and optimism.