A national sci-tech presentation in the field of green architecture took place at the Sci-Tech Complex on August 9 and 10 under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea.

Attending the presentation were officials, teachers and researchers of different units including Kim Il Sung University, Pyongyang University of Architecture, the Architectural Engineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences, the Natural Energy Institute, the Paektusan Architectural Institute and the State Designing Guidance Bureau.

The presentation was divided into two panels. Introduced there were more than 120 scientific and technological successes. Exchanged there were science and technology for green architecture and its method of construction studied and developed by scientists, technicians and workers, technology for designing practice and application and experience gained in it and opinions on issues arising in production of green building materials. During the presentation there took place a science and technology lecture.

Provided by: KCNA