The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) boasts of numerous medical workers who dedicate their intelligence and wisdom to promote the health of the people. One such group is the acupuncture research team at the Koryo Medicine General Hospital, and Dr. Kim Suk Yong, People’s Scientist, Merited Doctor, Associate Academician, Professor, and Doctor, is a distinguished member of the team.

Dr. Kim, who graduated from Chongjin University of Medicine in the mid-1960s, became well-versed in neuroscience and earned recognition for her profound knowledge and successful treatments when she was still in her early 30s. Over 50 years ago, she recognized the significant role that acupuncture would play in life science and started exploring the connection between meridian points in traditional medicine and nerves in modern medicine.

After more than two decades of painstaking effort, Dr. Kim created a chart of the meridian nerve points, which she published in 1992. Two years later, the chart was showcased at the 22nd International Invention Exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland, and it created a stir in the medical world.

Dr. Kim and her research team continued their study and clinical practice to improve the chart and verify their findings. The chart of meridian nerve points is now widely used in medical education and treatment, not just in the DPRK but also in several foreign countries, and it has been reprinted numerous times.

Dr. Kim has authored several reference books and helped to produce tens of academic title-holders. Her lifelong motto is “Be infinitely modest in front of science,” which inspires her to dedicate her life to scientific research without resting on her laurels.

Dr. Kim’s outstanding contributions to the development of Koryo medicine and the training of reserves earned her the title of Associate Academician in 2022, a well-deserved recognition for her exceptional achievements.