Arch of Reunification in Pyongyang

Arch of Reunification in Pyongyang

Not everyone knows that Korea is divided by a big wall on the 38th pararell. This wall was built by the USA at the end of the Korean War. This wall is hundreds of times bigger than the one that existed in Berlin and is still dividing Korean families, brothers and parents…

This is because the dominance of the United States over south Korea. U.S. has thousands of its soldiers located in south Korea, making it impossible to unite the Korean nation!

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an independent and sovereign state, while the south Korea is still controlled by American interests.

If someone from south Korea would like to visit north Korea (DPRK) by crossing the north-south border, they would be immediately killed by American soldiers. In southern part of Korea there is “Law on State Security” under which any citizens who speaks or reads about the north may be subjected to imprisonment. Every citizen of the south Korea who reports a desire to visit the DPRK is treated like a criminal!

Constitution of the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo

Since the end of the war, the biggest dream of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il was the reunification of Korean families.

President Kim Il Sung said: “In order to unite the divided country, we need conversation of all Koreans. We cannot passively be waiting for them” In 1980, President Kim Il Sung wrote the Constitution of the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo, which was a project of peaceful reunification of Korea, which included the co-existence of two economic systems: capitalist and socialist.

Peaceful reunification of the Korea is still possible, but it is not in the interest of U.S. Every year, along with south Korean army they organize big military maneuvers, provoking and destabilizing peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The reunification of Korea will be possible when American troops leave south Korea.

Peace, friendship and independence are dreams of all Korean people and nobody can stop them in the pursuit of reunification!

See the wall built in Korea by the U.S.

In Korea there is a concrete wall which does not exist in any other country. The wall stretches for 240 km on the south side of the demarcation line, dividing the country into north and south.

South Korean authorities have built the concrete wall along with implementing a policy of “two Koreas” created by United States. Concrete wall is a symbol of the division of the Korean nation, created by the imperialist forces. According to the American command, south Korea built a wall using 800 000 tons of cement, 200 000 tons of steel and 3.5 million cubic meters of sand and gravel.

The wall separates the mountains and river basins: Rimjin and Han by half.

The concrete wall is between 10 and 19 meters wide at the base, 5 to 8 meters in height and 3 – 5 meters wide at the top. Above some sections of the wall you can notice armored cars.

The Korean Wall in the Demilitarized Zone seen through binoculars from the North Korean side, source: WIKIPEDIA, Article: Korean Demilitarized Zon

The Korean Wall in the Demilitarized Zone seen through binoculars from the DPRK side, source: WIKIPEDIA, Article: Korean Demilitarized Zone

The wall was built in such way that people visiting Panmunjom from the south Korean side cannot see it, because it is covered with grass and trees. The wall is visible only from the northern part of Korea.