U.S. President Trump made a keynote speech at the 72nd UN General Assembly.

In his speech he spit out unprecedented rubbish that he would wipe a country of 25 million people off the map, not just “regime change”.

“… if the U.S. is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,” he said.

This thrice-cursed sophism made by the mentally deranged hooligan has shocked the whole world.

The Washington Post said the recent remarks made by Trump was a “prepared speech in which his words were undoubtedly pored over extensively beforehand”, adding that “fire and fury” could be interpreted as a threat to simply remove Kim and his government; “totally destroy North Korea” seems to be a signal to the North Korean people that they, too, could face annihilation alongside their government leaders. “It sounds a lot like Trump is threatening a completely unprecedented effort to wipe out an entire nation, whether through nuclear weapons or more conventional means. It’s a remarkably big statement, and the White House will undoubtedly be asked to clarify.

The paper also derided the words of “totally destroying the north” as the one “full of childish curses rather than strong expression”, saying “the speech made by the U.S. president will be remembered as one of speeches by boss of gangsters”.

The CNN quoted a senior UN diplomat as saying there was shock in the room when Trump threatened destruction, adding that Trump’s statement to the north goes beyond reason like his words “fire and fury”.

The British newspaper Guardian said “what did we learn from Trump’s UN speech? he’ll never change”, adding his colorful language might even be funny if it weren’t for the fact that Trump controls a nuclear arsenal powerful enough to annihilate humanity several times over.

The British newspaper the Financial Times said the UN has never heard such a speech as what was made by Trump and that no one out of the successive U.S. presidents said such words inciting such a conflict with the rival.

Even U.S. political figures denounced the wild remarks of Trump.

Foreign news reported that Trump’s speech went so much beyond the expectations that even the presidential chief of staff of White House John Kelly was seen bewildered with his head in his hands when he was listening to the speech in field.

The U.S. political media POLITICO commented that Trump’s speech is severance from the past 70 years during when the successive U.S. presidents have tried to take the initiative of international alliance to cope with threats, adding that the U.S. international influence would sustain another strike if policy is not set forth along with the speech.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Elisabeth Wallstrom denounced Trump’s speech as “nationalist speech”, noting it was “in breach of the UN charter.”

She added that Trump’s speech that “he would destroy north Korea is a protest against a country and it is not what should be said to people gathered here.”

First Vice-Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council Vladimir Zyavarov when interviewed by ITAR-TASS said that Americans are mistaken if they think they would not suffer damage in case they provoke a war against the DPRK, adding that anyway, the DPRK borders the world’s two nuclear powers China and Russia, and if something happens, these countries will be inveigled into the disputes, to our regret.

Gennadi Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, stressed as follows:

Trump’s remarks are a challenge to whole world. It is because any disputes on the Korean peninsula would inevitably inveigle neighbors Russia, China and Japan and the U.S.

Trump is bluffing that he would settle everything at a go while likening the DPRK to a rogue state but I am certain that nothing will be solved here. This is completely foolish nonsense.

From military point of view, Americans’ remarks are an open provocation.

German Chancellor Merkel said that military solution is absolutely unsuitable and former U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton denounced Trump’s speech as very dark and dangerous one.

U.S. Congressmen expressed deep concerns over the wild words of Trump.

Senator Diane Feinstein, a Democratic critic of Trump’s, said “Trump’s bombastic threat to destroy North Korea … are severe disappointments,” adding “Today, the president used it as a stage to threaten war.”

Ted, member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party, recalling Trump’s remarks said that “he threatened he would destroy other country”, adding problem is not whether the U.S. can destroy north Korea but whether he can cope with south Korea, Japan and even Guam being destroyed and with thousands of Americans being sacrificed in the course of doing so.

The world media comment his remarks as a dangerous provocation that can provoke a war, something that can be uttered by the boss of gangsters rather than by a politician.

The international community is raising voices of denunciation, being deeply concerned about such outbursts and wild words as “total destruction” of a sovereign state, not just “overturn of social system” and “regime change”