The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, with his wife Ri Sol Ju, gave field guidance to the construction sites in Samjiyon County again.

He said he came to the construction sites in Samjiyon township just in 40 days but the area has changed beyond recognition, noting with satisfaction that a majestic appearance finally began to emerge as a result of the dynamic struggle of the builders who upheld the Party’s intention with loyalty like a white gem to facelift Samjiyon County where the native home of the revolution is located into a rare modern city in the mountainous area in the era of the Workers’ Party.

This year marking the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK, dramatic changes are witnessed in the construction sites of Samjiyon County, the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area, power station and others across the country and thus enormous edifices mushroom, and numerous units vie with one another in making big successes, he noted.

Now the hostile forces’ persistent sanctions and obstructive moves come as a serious setback to the advance of our socialism but the zeal of the elated people who rose up like a mountain in response to the Party’s call is making a history of legendary miracles despite the most difficult conditions, he said, adding with great pride that this is a great manifestation of the high spirit of our army and people and the power of our country where everybody gets united in single mind around the Party.

We mustn’t regard it as a mere construction to remodel the county housing the native home of the revolution but keep a high sense of class consciousness that the construction is like an acute standoff with hostile forces and showily build a modern city in the mountainous area overflowing with our socialist civilization in the first village right at the foot of Mt Paektu, he stressed.

Once again emphasizing that the education space with the statue of leader Kim Jong Il should be well built with due respect, he learned about the layout of the background forest of the statue, an assignment he gave one month ago, and about the measures for its implementation.

This construction in the northern area to which the Party attaches so much importance is not just aimed to spruce up Samjiyon County alone but it is an important work to create experience and set an example in setting the future goal of face-lifting all the counties to be highly civilized ones, he said. He added that counties in our country have shown great difference in their development due to differing natural and geographic features and economic conditions, stressing the need to create models by sprucing up standard counties and build model counties in the flat areas, mountainous areas and coastal areas before generalizing them.

He then went round the construction sites of dwelling houses and public buildings in the township, learning in detail about the overall construction.

Highlighting the importance of good designing of afforestation and greening, he called for combining trees of various species to be in good harmony with the mountainous area of Mt Paektu so as to create a model in turning towns into park-like woodland.

He also advanced tasks for sprucing up the County People’s Hospital to be flawless in health and sanitation terms.

He urged the need to take scientific and technological measures to ensure the standard quality of drinking water and water for living supplied to inhabitants in Samjiyon area, and thus to solve the water problem without fail.

He also stressed the need to redo the railway roadbed repairing work in a qualitative way by next year to complete Hyesan-Samjiyon railway as a standard one, pointing out the fault that on his way to Samjiyon he could see that the newly paved Hyesan-Samjiyon railway section roadbed was not done well and scientific measurement and the requirement of technical method of construction was not ensured in terms of roadbed condition and evenness so that serious vibration could be felt on train and its speed was impeded.

Calling for making the builders and skilled men acquire one step higher grade in the course of doing such a huge project as the construction of Samjiyon area and for rapidly strengthening the construction and designing force of the local areas, he underlined the importance to organize in a planned way with big efforts the work for strengthening construction technicians.

He made the particular mention of the role the provincial Party committee plays in taking control of the work of enhancing the level of designing institutions in the local areas.

He repeatedly stressed the importance to take measures against all kinds of accidents while doing projects as required by the method of construction by design and thus prevent even a single accident.

He also mentioned the need to make good calculation of the total electricity demand to be needed by the county after its rebuilding, calling for readjusting and reinforcing the existent small and medium power stations in Samjiyon County and meticulously organizing their management and operation so as to increase electricity production by the county itself.

Looking at the stirring construction site, he said that the whole country is devoting pure conscience and sweats of obligation to sprucing up the county housing the native home of leader Kim Jong Il as their own house at the call of the Party, and warmly asked to convey his comradely greetings to all the builders surely.

Accompanying him were Hwang Pyong So, first vice department director of the C.C., Workers’ Party of Korea, Jo Yong Won, Pak Song Chol, Kim Yong Hwan and Kim Yong Su, vice department directors of the C.C., WPK, Kim Chang Son, department director of the State Affairs Commission, and Ma Won Chun, bureau director of the SAC.