The U.S. has become desperate in its moves to carry out sea blockade against the DPRK.

In a bid to provide the legal ground for sea blockade, the U.S. State Department nowadays seeks to modify such phrases as “consent of flag states” and “reasonable grounds” in the UN “sanctions resolution” 2375 into “by use of all necessary measures”, claiming that “being continuously captured is the situation in which north Korea is using restricted vessels for illegal activities by means of handy methods”.

The White House National Security Adviser McMaster and other high-ranking officials of the Trump administration and other hard-line elements of U.S. Congress are calling for sea blockade against the DPRK.

The U.S. moves for sea blockade can never be tolerated as they constitute a wanton violation of the sovereignty and dignity of an independent state.

The U.S. is trying to openly take the measure of sea blockade against the DPRK and strangle its economy in peace time. This is part of its scheme to escalate political and economic blockade against the DPRK which has lasted for decades.

In the past the U.S. carried out collective sanctions and blockade campaign as evidenced by the manipulation and application of “proliferation security initiative” and “regional sea security initiative” targeting sea blockade by cooking up all sorts of ridiculous schemes, thereby escalating the degree of economic pressure on the DPRK.

Under the pretext of checking the “proliferation of weapons of mass destruction” the U.S. has manipulated the international naval interception drill for blocking the DPRK from the sea.

The U.S. Pacific Command has prepared the sea blockade operation in real earnest from the second half of this year and last month it conveyed to the south Korean puppet forces its action program, by which it ordered the puppet navy to take charge of the open sea in the East and South Seas of Korea, the Japan Maritime “Self-defense Force” to look after the distant waters in the East Sea and the U.S. navy to take care of the waters south of Jeju Island.

It is stipulated in the London Treaty on definition of invasion and the UNGA resolution 3314 that blockade-type sanctions against a sovereign state in peace time becomes an act of invasion, an illegal act.

Now the U.S. is trumpeting about sea blockade, not content with staging largest-ever nuclear war drills against the DPRK in the sea and air after shipping the strategic assets into the Korean peninsula. This is a hideous war criminal act to push the situation to an “uncontrollable” catastrophic phase and to a touch-and-go phase of a war.

The U.S. blockade against the DPRK started long ago and the people of the DPRK will never be browbeaten by this.

The moves for blockading the DPRK from the sea are tantamount to war acts.

The Trump group should be mindful that should they show even the slightest movement to put its attempt at sea blockade into practice, it will be followed by an immediate and merciless counteraction for self-defence from the DPRK.

The U.S. and the riff-raffs following it should ponder over the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by their sea blockade moves and stop the reckless act.

Written by Jong Hyon