The DPRK permanent mission to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva on May 30 issued a press release with regard to the recent revelation of the truth about the enticed group abduction of DPRK women citizens by the south Korean authorities.

Noting that the “case of group defection of north Korean restaurant workers” in April 2016 was proven to be conspiratorial farce cooked up by the Park Geun Hye regime of south Korea, through interviews of the victims and the criminal involved in the case, the press release said:

Consistent is our stand to continue our effort ceaselessly until the repatriation of our citizens abducted in group as well another DPRK woman citizen Kim Ryon Hui who had been tricked to south Korea and now appeals for years to return back to her home in the north is realized, and to take appropriate measure whenever necessary.

The south Korean authorities should admit the unheard-of atrocity of the former Park Geun Hye regime, severely punish those involved in the case, send our women citizens to their families without delay and thus show the will to improve the inter-Korean relations.

What is disappointing concerning this case is the inaction with silence by UN agencies including the OHCHR.

The OHCHR should abandon its prejudiced and partial attitude of paying attention to unconfirmed and absurd accusations spread by hostile forces against the DPRK and discharge its due mandate and responsibility by taking appropriate action aimed at an early return of the DPRK victims of abduction to their beloved families as unanimously desired by the international community.