Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, supervised the combined fire demonstration of the services of the Korean People’s Army in celebration of its 85th founding anniversary.

At 10 a.m. he arrived at the airport in the eastern front.

He was greeted by KPA Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong So, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA; KPA Vice Marshal Ri Myong Su, chief of the KPA General Staff; and Army General Pak Yong Sik, minister of the People’s Armed Forces.

Kim Jong Un received a salute from Army Col. General Pak Jong Chon, director of Artillery Bureau of the KPA.

He reviewed the parade of the service personnel of the Navy and the Air and Anti-Air Force and elite Artillery Forces of the KPA that lined up for the combined fire demonstration.

After receiving the report on the plan for the combined fire demonstration of services of the KPA on the watch post, he gave an order to start the fire demonstration.

Submarines rapidly submerged to make torpedo-attacks at the “enemy” warships while fighters and bombers made zero feet flight above the sea to drop bombs on the targets.

Watching the exciting scenery, he praised the seamen of submarines and pilots for hitting targets every time.

More than 300 large-caliber self-propelled guns that lined up along the coast opened fire all at once.

The brave artillerymen mercilessly and satisfactorily hit the targets and the gunshots were very correct, he said, adding that they showed well the volley of gunfire of our a-match-for-a-hundred artillery force giving merciless punishment to the hostile forces.

The largest-ever combined fire demonstration of the KPA services in celebration of its 85th founding anniversary was the humblest reverence for President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, founder and builder of the revolutionary armed forces, and the infinite glory of the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army, he said, expressing great satisfaction over the successful demonstration and highly praised the feats of the service personnel who took part in the exercise.

The revolutionary armed forces, which started with two pistols and covered 85-year-long way of victory, have been developed into the matchless strong army equipped with latest attack means and they are fully displaying the might of the revolutionary Party’s army at the forefront in defending of the country and building of a prosperous country, he said. He warmly congratulated all the service personnel of the KPA on its founding anniversary.

He stressed that as long as there is the heroic Korean People’s Army, boundlessly faithful to the Party the socialist motherland is impregnable and a new morning of the final victory will break.