Kim Jong Un in his speech extended congratulations to the KCU members across the country on June 6, their holiday, with blessings of all the people across the country.

He said that the congress marks a significant occasion in developing the KCU into the children’s union of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il whose name shines forever.

The KCU is the Juche-oriented children’s revolutionary organization founded and trained by the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and a mass political organization of the Korean children who are firmly preparing themselves to be the successors to revolution, heirs to the Party and the youth league, he noted.

He pointed out that the glorious and proud history covered by the KCU is the one of the brilliant victory of the idea and leadership of the Juche-oriented children’s movement of the Generalissimos who valued and loved the KCU members dearest and devoted their all to the young generation.

He said that over the past four years since the 7th Congress of the KCU, its organizations and millions of members across the country have brilliantly carried out the pledges they made before its flag, keeping pace with the gigantic advance of the country making a leaping forward.

He noted that the future of the Juche revolution and Kim Il Sung‘s nation and Kim Jong Il‘s Korea is rosy and bright as there is the KCU which is stoutly carrying forward the soul of Paektu.

He pointed out that it is the basic task facing the KCU organizations at present to develop it into the children’s union of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and children’s organization of the Workers’ Party of Korea and prepare all its members to be the true sons and daughters and children revolutionaries of the socialist country.

The KCU members should become ardent children revolutionaries who know the greatness of the Party and the leader and preciousness of the country and devote everything to the country and the revolution, he said, and went on:

The KCU members should always bear in mind the great benevolence of the great Generalissimos who provided the happiest life in the world and hold them as the eternal sun of Juche with loyalty.

They should always think and lead a life as intended by the Workers’ Party of Korea everywhere, bearing in mind that the red tie of the KCU is a part of the flag of the Party and their dream and ideal can come true under the flag of the Party.

They should grow up to be ardent revolutionaries and heroes by learning from the noble examples of the revolutionary forerunners and heroes.

The basic revolutionary task facing the KCU members is to prepare themselves to be able revolutionary talents equipped with knowledge, morality and strong physique and pillars for building a socialist power.

They should bear in mind Kim Jong Il‘s patriotism and become children patriots who value all wealth on this land provided by the revolutionary forerunners with their blood and sweat and tend a tree and a blade of grass with their own hands, not beloved sons and daughters who enjoy happiness only.

The KCU members should foster strong sense of organization and discipline through its organizational life and glorify the honor of being members of the glorious children’s union of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Un in his speech expressed the firm belief that all the KCU members will straightly and vigorously advance following the Party while flying high the flag of the KCU and thus wonderfully repay the expectation of the WPK and all the people