Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County, North Hwanghae Province that has been rebuilt from the damage by heavy rain and strong wind.

He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, Pak Pong Ju, Kim Jae Ryong, Pak Jong Chon, Ri Il Hwan, Jo Yong Won, Kim Yong Su, Pak Thae Song and Hyon Song Wol.

The Supreme Leader of the Party, the State and the armed forces was greeted on the spot by Pak Chang Ho, chairman of the North Hwanghae Provincial Committee of the WPK, and commanding officers of the units of the People’s Army mobilized for the reconstruction from the damage.

Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County, North Hwanghae Province was greatly damaged when heavy rain and strong wind swept away the whole areas of the DPRK this year. But it removed all the traces of great natural disaster and was successfully built as a socialist fairyland, model village of socialist rural communities thanks to the wise guidance of Kim Jong Un and the ardent patriotism, loyalty and heroic struggle of service personnel of the People’s Army.

Learning that Kangbuk-ri had been greatly damaged by the recent heavy rain and strong wind and that some dwelling houses and public buildings had been in critical conditions due to exposure to natural disaster every year on top of lack of repairing, Kim Jong Un immediately issued a militant order to the units of the People’s Army to remove all the buildings in the ri seat and build them new so as to facelift the ri.

The service personnel who rushed to the damaged area in response to the order of trust given by Kim Jong Un achieved proud success of making the first report of victory to the Party Central Committee in the campaigns for recovery from disaster by newly constructing the seat of Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County through a fierce campaign of loyalty, bearing in mind the noble viewpoint on the people, the idea of the people-first principle of our Party.

Kim Jong Un, looking over the picturesque village that turned into a fine example of socialist farm village, wondered if the village which looked so pitiful for its backwardness plus damage by natural disaster could shake them off in such a short period, adding he felt as if facing a different world. He noted with great satisfaction that another success was made in which our Party’s grand plan for building rural areas and policy for building local areas have been carried out most correctly thanks to the patriotic devotion and struggle of our soldiers.

He said that upon hearing all most every day the news about heroic struggle waged by soldiers as main players on all the fronts for the recovery from the disasters in several areas of the country, he keenly felt the tremendous mental power, ardent patriotism and intense loyalty toward the Party and people possessed by all the officers and men of the People’s Army. He added that he was deeply moved by their devotion and painstaking efforts.

The People’s Army is made up of creators of all miracles on this land, he praised, adding that the genuine might of the People’s Army lies not in the number of troops and the might of ammunitions but in their ardent love for their country and people and their mental power based on love for and trust in their Party and the revolutionary cause. He stressed in great excitement that it is the greatest pride of our Party and the state and the biggest blessing for himself that we have such powerful revolutionary army loyal to the country, the people, the Party and the revolutionary cause.

Looking round dwelling houses and public buildings in the ri, he appreciated that they were built cozy and to be impeccable both exterior and interior.

He discussed with the senior Party and government officials who accompanied him the orientation to be constantly maintained by our Party in rural construction.

Saying that it is imperative to set up the long-term goal of construction in provinces, rural construction in particular, in a more realistic and planned way, he emphasized the need to bolster up remarkably the state assistance to the responsible and important work for sprucing up rural areas by accelerating the development of high civilization of the rural areas and for turning our rural areas into rich and cultured socialist rural areas backed by modern technology.

What is urgent is to make in-depth study of an immediate task at present and long-term goal of our Party for accomplishing at an early date the far-reaching programmes for socialist rural construction advanced by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, and measures for carrying them out, he said, noting that the upcoming Party congress will be able to give correct answers to this crucial issue.

He repeatedly asked if the inhabitants, the farmers were pleased with the new living environment in Kangbuk-ri that had been rebuilt after damage due to rainstorm and strong wind. Noting that he was pleased to hear that they were feeling happy, he said that our Party certainly had done good things and he extended thanks to the soldiers of the People’s Army who put into practice one more wish of our Party.

He told the chairman of the Provincial Party Committee that it would be good to let the inhabitants move to new houses earlier, adding that he couldn’t wait to see them moving to new houses.

He said that it has been long since he felt so relieved, and noted that he was very happy to feel relieved of worries. He hoped that the people in the area would settle down in the new villages and new houses to lead a happy life and that the area would always be visited by fortune.

Farmers and inhabitants in Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County who are to move to new houses in the model socialist rural village which was built thanks to the ardent love of the Supreme Leader for the people and in which the desire of our Party has been realized, are sure to live up to his great solicitude with loyalty by making dedication to the construction of a powerful country while bearing deep in mind the loving care and solicitude bestowed by the mother party to clear them of their misfortune.

As there are the Supreme Leader and our great Party, happy cradles for the better living of people will mushroom before long in different parts of the country which had been hit hard by the wildness of nature.