Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, met and had a significant photo session with the participants in the Youth Day celebrations.

Present there were Jo Yong Won, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and secretary for organizational affairs of the Central Committee of the WPK, Ri Il Hwan, secretary of the WPK Central Committee, Ri Tu Song, department director of the WPK Central Committee, and Mun Chol, chairman of the Central Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League.

The young people were overwhelmed with great emotion and joy as they were about to have the greatest honor of having a photo session with the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un they had always missed.

When he arrived at the venue of the photo session amid the playing of the welcome music, the young vanguards broke into stormy cheers of “hurrah!”

The participants in the celebrations raised enthusiastic cheers for the respected General Secretary who made sure that their deeds are known throughout the country and repeatedly showed great benevolence for them, sending a letter of congratulations representing loving care and trust, though their deeds are what should be naturally done by young people of the new generation grown up in the embrace of the socialist country.

He sent warm greetings of encouragement to the reliable young people who volunteered to the outposts of socialist construction with one dream and ideal for upholding the intention of the Party, and devote themselves with the mind of loyalty and patriotism.

Saying that the ideological and mental state of our young people are very excellent as they always respond to the calls of the country with intense loyalty, and regard their devotion to the future as the greatest honor and pride of life, he highly appreciated the patriotic young people who are firmly carrying forward the revolutionary spirit and fighting traits created by the former generations.

Expressing the belief that the participants would bear in mind the valuable call as the dependable young vanguard of the Party as the biggest treasure of their life and demonstrate their name as heroic youth the country and the people are proud of in the worthwhile struggle for hastening the bright future of our glorious country, he posed for a picture with them.

At the end of the photo session, the young people raised stormy cheers of “hurrah!” and shouted “Kim Jong Un“, “Devoted Defence”.

Kim Jong Un extended militant greeting to the young people, waving for long to them who are cheering at the top of their voices with great emotion.

All the participants firmly vowed to always remember the present honor and glorify their honor as being detached force of the Party and young patriots upholding the revolutionary idea and leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un with loyalty.