A test-fire of strategic submarine-launched ballistic missile was successfully conducted under the guidance of Kim Jong Un.

At the observation post he was briefed on the plan for the test-fire. As soon as he issued an order to start the test-fire, the strategic submarine submerged up to a depth for firing the ballistic missile and rapidly launched the ballistic missile.

The test-fire which was conducted under a high-angle fire system in the maximum launching depth reconfirmed the stability of the underwater ballistic launching system, the starting character of the high power solid fuel engine and phased flying kinetic feature after coming up to the surface of the water. It proved that the core technical indexes of the ballistic missile including the reliability of the phased heat separation and the control and guidance system and the working accuracy of the warhead in the re-entry section perfectly met all requirements for operation.

The SLBM test-fire was successfully carried out without any adverse impact on neighboring countries.

Kim Jong Un said the U.S. vicious nuclear threat and blackmail against the DPRK only resulted in bolstering up its nuclear attack capability hour by hour and the U.S. mainland and the operational theatre in the Pacific are now within the striking range of the KPA, no matter how hard the U.S. tries to deny it

“I do not guess what ridiculous remarks the U.S. and its followers will make about this test-fire, but I can say their rash acts will only precipitate their self-destruction. The best way of escaping the deadly strike of the infuriated KPA is to refrain from hurting the dignity and security of the DPRK with prudence and self-control.”

He stressed the need for the field of national defence science to put increased spurs to mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles in order to cope with the unpredicted total war and nuclear war with the U.S. imperialists and, at the same time, focus all efforts on the development of means of their delivery.

He warmly greeted the national defence scientists and service personnel of the navy returning to the port after the successful test-fire and warmly congratulated them. He had also a photo session with them.


Based on: KCNA