Shortly ago, Germany finished the first-stage project for joint edition of the history textbook which has been pressed ahead with Poland since 2006 and held a book-releasing ceremony of Vol. 1 of the textbook dealing with the periods up to the Middle Ages.

The two countries decided to wind up the joint edition of the textbook dealing with the modern history by 2020.

Germany jointly edited the history textbook dealing with the periods after the Second World War with France and is editing the textbook dealing with the European history during the periods before the 20th century.

These developments go to prove that Germany which inflicted the untold misfortune and pain upon other European countries through two world wars is striving to liquidate its inglorious past and promote reconciliation with its neighboring countries and ensure peace in Europe.

On the contrary, Japan which imposed tremendous damage and sufferings upon the Asian people in the last century is getting more frantic in its moves to distort history, far from making an apology and reparation for its past crimes.

Japan’s behavior is quite different from Germany’s one.

Japan is now openly distorting history to deny its past crimes and justify them in the eyes of the world and getting more frantic in its moves for reinvasion to repeat its crime-woven history.

In last December, Japan concluded a deceptive “agreement” on the issue of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army with the south Korean puppet forces with a petty amount of money in a bid to twist the essence of the issue of the sexual slavery a proper solution of which is demanded by the world and evade the responsibility for its hideous crimes.

Not content with this, Japan kicked up much fuss, distributing the book which totally denies the sexual slavery among scholars across the world and letting the foreign ministry open to public a document which claims that “no evidence proving the forcible drafting of the comfort women by the Japanese army or under the control of the state has been confirmed”.

In the so-called “statement issued in last August seven decades since Japan’s defeat from the Pacific War”, the present ruling forces openly clarified their criminal stand that there should be no apology for the past history, asserting that “Japan should not oblige the postwar generations to make an apology as they had nothing to do with the war “. Of late, they invited the U.S. president, their master, to visit Hiroshima in an effort to justify Japan’s despicable history of crimes before the world and paint it as a “victim.”

By shamelessly working to distort history the Japanese reactionaries seek to implant militarism into all fabrics of the Japanese society and thus create a climate favorable for realizing their ambition for reinvasion.

It was against the backdrop of the mounting campaign for distorting history in Japan that the new security legislation was put into force in Japan to pave the way for launching a war of aggression and to further step up arms buildup for reinvasion.

The Japanese reactionaries’ moves for distorting history are, indeed, a blatant challenge to the desire of mankind for peace and security and criminal acts that deserve denunciation.

The Japanese ruling quarters are sadly mistaken if they calculate they can realize their ambition for reinvasion through such ridiculous campaign as that for tampering with history.

History teaches that those who fail to feel ashamed of their wrong past and draw a lesson from it and those who are keen to dominate the world by invading other nations are bound to meet ruin without exception.

Japan would be well advised to stop acting recklessly, bearing in mind that its wrong attitude to cover up its past crimes only precipitates its self-ruin.

Provided by: KCNA