There took place an art performance at the People’s Theatre in congratulation of nuclear scientists and technicians who brought the great auspicious event of the national history, extra-large event through perfect success in the H-bomb test.

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un together with Ri Sol Ju appeared in the auditorium.

He warmly waved back to the enthusiastically cheering performers and audience.

Following him senior officials and meritorious nuclear scientists and technicians in the field of defence science took auditorium.

Among the audience were contributors to the successful test of H-bomb for ICBM, officials and meritorious persons of the atomic energy field.

The performers presented the marvelous stage congratulating the nuclear scientists and technicians.

The performance began with the National Anthem. Put on the stage were female chorus and male chorus “Glory to General Kim Jong Un“, orchestra and male chorus “The Glorious Motherland” and other colorful numbers.

The performers highly praised the undying feats of Kim Jong Un who has regarded it as the most important state affairs to accomplish the great cause of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il for building the nuclear force and firmly guaranteed the victorious advance and eternal future of the cause of the Juche revolution while stubbornly passing through untrodden snow in the nuclear weaponization inch by inch.

The moment when the bright image of Kim Jong Un was screened on the background and his thunderous voices resounded, the hall echoed with enthusiastic applause with excitement.

Orchestra “At a Go”, female chorus and male chorus “Let’s Keep the Revolutionary Faith to the Death” and female chorus “Glory of Our Life” reflecting the spiritual world of the scientists mesmerized the audience.

The performance ended with orchestra and male chorus “We Will Go along Road of Loyalty”.

At the end of the performance Kim Jong Un congratulated the successful performance, warmly waving back to the performers and audience.

Provided by: KCNA